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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: Domain Registration

I have requested a transfer but nothing is happening

We aim to complete domain transfer requests within 2 days of receiving a request. The following may be holding up your transfer request:

Please ensure you have used the correct details when filling in the transfer request form. Incorrect details including account username and password will result in a void transfer request. Please login to and check to see if a support ticket has been raised for the transfer.

For .com/net/org transfers check that the owner and admin-c email addresses shown in the whois, are still in use. You will receive an email to this address which you must verify in order for the transfer to complete. If the email address no longer in use, please request this to be changed in your support ticket and provide an alternative address.

A .com/net/org transfer validation email has an expiry of 5 days. Please ensure that you verify the transfer within 5 days of receipt.

Domain transfers are a manual process we aim to process the transfer within 2 days, however, please note, during busy periods your request will enter a queue which we will process as soon as possible.

Domains cannot be transferred if they have been registered less than 60 days ago. Please wait for the 60 day period to pass and re-submit your transfer request.

Transfer requests for domains not on the account that a username and password was provided for will not be carried out.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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