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FAQ category: Domain Registration

.eu whois shows: Status: SUSPENDED(QUARANTINE)

If the whois of your domain is showing as SUSPENDED(QUARANTINE) then you have attempted to renew your domain too late.

A domain name spends 40 days in quarantine once it has been deleted. This means that while the domain name is not available to the general public to register, it is also no longer in the possession of its former owner.

The new “quarantined” status of the name is reflected in the WHOIS database and the date of its release is also published so that other parties having an interest in the name know when they can attempt to register it again.

There are 2 ways you can proceed from here:

1) We can apply to get the domain out of quarantine and renewed at a registry cost of £80+ Vat per domain plus the renewal fee.

2) Leave the domain to expire and attempt to re-register once the 40 days are over. This has associated risks, as there is no guarantee that you will be able to register the domain before anyone else. There are also companies/individuals who will register newly expired domain(s), as they may be valuble.

If you would like to attempt to get your domain(s) out of quarantine, please raise a support ticket on your account ASAP. This is a time sensitive procedure.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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