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 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: SPAM

Setting up filters on

Here's how to set up filters on

  • If you log in to
  • Expand "Options" on the left by clicking on (+) next to it
  • Go to "Filters"
  • Then click oin "Filter Rules" at the top

You can then define new rules. For instance:

Rule Name: SPAM
For an incoming message that matches: * All of the following
Select a field: Choose "Subject" from the drop down list
Contains: SPAM
and: (you're welcome to define several fields)
Do this: Deliver to Folder
Create new folder: Junk Mail

This rule should move all emails with the word SPAM in the subject to a folder called "Junk Mail".

You can define rules for other fields, such as To, From, or Body.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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