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 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: Email

Emails to me are bouncing, could I be overquota?

If emails sent to you are bouncing, the first thing to do is to check that you are within your allocated quota as described in our faq:

To free up some space, you could either login to and delete them manually (please remember to “purge deleted” or empty your “trash”) - you should also monitor the size of your other folders.

Also you could download emails to your email client (outlook express, microsoft outlook, etc) and set the option to “do not leave copy on server”.

Alternatively, you could order more pop3/web space at

In the period of overquota, we can not guarantee that any emails will be saved for consequent receipt. It is therefore vital to free up quota as soon as possible.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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