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 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: Email

mail to my address is being returned as blacklisted? what does this mean?

We're all familiar with SPAM - the sending of unsolicited, irrelevant junk mail.

However, sometimes spammers will use a third parties "from" address and spoof this address, pretending to be a third party.

This can result in the third parties domain being added to blacklists - ie domains not to accept mail from.

There are many centralised blacklists and domains are added until the domain administrators initiate their removal.

However, if you are a client using email forwarding, sometimes the aql forwarding server IP's can be added to blacklists. This is not because the servers send SPAM, but because many ISP's don't properly investigate the true source of the spam.

Our forwarding servers will merely forward all mail (including spam and legitimate mail) bound for a particular domain. Sometimes this can be misinterpreted as the servers themselves sending spam.

We try to remove ourselves from any spam lists as quickly as possible, but certain operators are often quite slow to re-allow mail once a report has been made.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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