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 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: SPAM

How do I stop spam?

Spam is a common problem which all email users suffer from.

Firstly, it is advisable against having a catch-all email address. Anyone can pretend to send out emails from anything@yourdomain. If you've got a catch-all and some hundred messages sent by spammers bounce, you will receive all the bouncebacks.

Here are some other general counter measures:

  1. Never place a machine-readable email link on your site, inluding "mailto:" links.
    Spammers use spambots to crawl thousands of websites looking for addresses.

  2. Use obfuscation for your email address. You can put an image instead of the @ sign, or your whole address can be an image.

  3. Be reluctant to give out your email

  4. Use's filter facilities to create your own deletion/spam handling rules.

  5. Make use of your email software's filters. Such mail clients like Thunderbird have self-training adaptive filters which learn to meet your personal needs.

  6. Use google to find more information - there are some good articles out there.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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