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 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: Email

My email isn't working. What should I do?

Here are some things to check:

settings: if you have changed them, refer back to the original email we sent you and check they are correct. The outgoing server option "Requires authentication" should be ticked.

checking for mail before sending: If you have just logged on and are trying to send email, you need to check for mail (Click "Receive All" in Outlook") before sending.

connection failure: If your connection failed, and you attempt to reconnect immediately, you may find you cannot collect your email straight away - this is a security feature which usually only affects users on dial-up accounts.

unpaid invoices: Check your customer account to see if you have missed invoices for your services.

Still not working?
Raise a support ticket and make sure you include the email address you are having problems with, the settings you are using - your username, password, servers - and how you are connecting to your email (Outlook/Webmail/etc). The support forum operates via a web interface so you can access it without needing to use your email.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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