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FAQ category: Domain Registration

Domain Registration : How do I update the DNS for my domain?

If you are having your website hosted elsewhere using a domain name registered with (aq), then you can update the DNS settings for your domain name in your customer account. Follow the steps below and you will be up and running quickly.

1. Goto and login at
2. Goto link "Manage Hosting Services"
3. On the hosting management page their is a link that says update DNS records.
4. From drop down box select the domain you're wanting to make changes to.
5. Now this were you put in the details for your hosting provider. You should get this information from your provider, if you have not received this give them call or drop them email asking for primary and secondary DNS servers and the ip address to both. example what should look like below.

Example: (Your hosting provider will have their own DNS information)
primary DNS:
primary DNS IP address:

secondary DNS:
secondary DNS IP address:

6. Now click the link that says "Update DNS records for this name".
7. You are done. Note that it can take upto 12-24 hours to propagate.

Please ensure the details you enter are correct - any errors can lead to your domain name not 'pointing' to the correct location.

Any further questions or query's about doing this then use our support ticket system.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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