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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ category: Customer Updates

Customer Update #26 - 13/09/2003


- Feedback... yes please....

- Nominet "reminders"

- Nominet "positive renewals" system - *VERY IMPORTANT*

- FAQ update

- (aq) sponsors Refuel2003

- (aq) appoints LYNX PR

- wins award


Feedback... yes please....

We're always trying to improve our services and your feedback is important in
order for us to improve the right parts of the service.

Please, take a moment to visit

and fill in our online poll (takes about 5 seconds!).


Nominet "reminders"

Note - Nominet has started to send reminder emails for domain renewals directly
to the registrants, ie yourselves. Please don't be alarmed by the emails, they
state that they will send you an invoice for 80 + vat if the domain requires
renewal after it has expired.

The messages neglect to mention the IMPORTANT fact that if you renew with your
existing nominet member (ie ourselves) that the charge is significantly less !

a sample of the nominet email is below :


Dear Registrant,

The domain name above is due for renewal on 12 Nov 2003.

Upon expiry we will send you an invoice by email and post for 80.00 GBP + VAT
which must be paid within 30 days to retain the registration. If no payment
is received the domain name will be suspended and subsequently cancelled.


So if you receive this, the lowest cost route is to simply ensure that you pay
your (aq) invoice for the renewal and there will then be no risk of you being
invoiced by nominet directly.


Nominet "positive renewals" system - *VERY IMPORTANT*

If you have registered a,, or domain, please read
this section carefully - it relates to an important change in the way that renewals
are handled by NOMINET UK the .uk naming authority.

The most important aspects is that domains will be expired after a period of 90
days past their registration period. This will be automated by nominet.

ALSO, in all cases, where a domain is not renewed with (aq), NOMINET will issue a
pro-forma invoice at the full rate of 80 + vat per domain. These pro-forma invoices
will be sent as soon as the name becomes overdue.

to find out more information, please see :

Note : the above changes do not affect you if you ensure that all renewal invoices
are settled within their payment period. We endeavour to send renewal invoices for all
domains approximately 2 months prior to expiry.


FAQ Update

From previous customer surveys, one of the main complaints was our poor "FAQ" section on
the site.

We've now created a new, simpler, FAQ system for the (aq) and sites, which
can be found at :


Please feel free to suggest any new questions, - we will also be adding further q+a's based
on our support system tickets.


(aq) sponsors Refuel2003

(aq) is one of the sponsoring service providers for Refuel2003, a leeds based
media and technology conference.

Refuel2003 will be using -- a service operated by (aq) for 2 way
interactive SMS text messaging, giving updates and changes in conference proceedings
via SMS text messaging.


(aq) appoints LYNX PR

POW! ...

Future copies of this newsletter should (hopefully) be more informative and entertaining
(because it will be one of the tasks taken over by LYNX).

We've recognised our skills lie in providing reliable internet services, so we are going to
concentrate on what we're good at and let our new creative folks look after anything which
isn't directly to do with the internet or networks or machines with flashing lights..

Lynx will be taking care of our future Press Liaison and Customer Case Studies and no doubt
changing some of the more boring parts of our website and removing some of the bits that are
"too tech-speak".

**************************************************************** -- Bulk Text message marketing solutions

News flash ! ** - "award winning sms messaging website" ** received the award for best business-to-business website at the 2003
yorkshire internet awards ... See has now finished trials for it's new higher capacity upgrade,
allowing campaign sizes in the millions to be sent quickly and reliably. offers reliable text messaging solutions, including interactive
solutions for list-building and information services.

text "info" to 07766 40 41 42 for more information, or see


We hope that some of the content of this email has been of use
to you. We send these mailings to the admin contacts for domains
only (we do not send out mail to domain owners, because some of
our resellers do not want this). If however, you do not wish
to be included in future customer updates, please log into your
(aq) customer account via and
click stop receiving newsletter
We will, however, still contact you regarding domain registration
renewals unless you cancel those services with us.

kind regards

The (aq) Team.

More help available from technicians via our online support system.

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