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The Secondarymail service is now provided through our dedicated site at offering...

•  Complete mail backup solutions

•  Disaster prevention and alerting

•  Mail statistics and anaylsis

•  SMS server monitoring

(aq) recently launched it's dedicated mail backup site at providing all the information on our mail backup server and monitoring services. Secondarymail clients are able to login via the website and view mail statistics and graphs of mail usage. You will find an overview of the secondarymail services below, but please visit for more information.

The secondarymail service

The secondarymail service is a complete mail backup solution for any business. We do not actually store archives of your emails, it is purely a backup delivery system to help ensure that your email reaches you in the event that there is a temporary problem with either your main mailserver or its connection to the internet.

How it works

Normally, mail from a 3rd party would be transported from their ISP's SMTP relay (mailserver) directly to your companies' mailserver. However if your company suffered a network/power outage or mailserver failure, mail would simply "bounce" back to the sender, a bad impression would be made (or worse, mail would just simply "disappear"). With the (secondarymail) secondary mail service: In the event that your mailserver was unavailable, the mail would be routed to the (secondarymail) primary backup relay. This mailserver would check for the availability of your mailserver every 15 minutes and deliver the mail as soon as it becomes available.

Disaster preventing and alerting

Our services help to ensure that even when the worse imaginable failure of your network or internet connection occurs, your mail will be held safely on our systems, ready to be delivered when your service is restored. We also offer notification by SMS text message if we detect that your server or network is unavailable.

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