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Virtual Servers

A virtual server is just that. It is a linux server environment. Each server has it's own set of binaries and runs its own daemons (which have their own configuration files). Each virtual server can accomodate 200 domains (ie host 200 websites) with upto 200 seperate ftp users (so you become your own hosting provider and can re-sell the space).

You can also set up (depending on the specification of the package you purchase) between 200 and 2000 pop3 accounts. You can also install almost any application which you could build on a normal linux server.

Administration of the server is either via the command line using an ssh connection to the server, OR via a secure SSL webcontrol interface.


All virtual servers are charged on a monthly basis via standing order. Initial payment is by credit card or cheque. Each vs package includes 5GB of data transfer per month. Additional transfer is charged at 10 per GB or part thereof.

Each virtual server has it's own unique IP address. By default, the services running are :

  • sendmail - mail server
  • qpopper - pop server
  • sshd - secure shell server
  • apache - web server
Product Webspace POP3/FTP users Cost/month (excluding vat)
250MB 200 100
500MB 400 150
2000MB 800 350

Additional services can be added at the one-off costs shown below

Service Cost (excluding vat)
MySQL database server 75
Tomcat Java engine 100
128 bit SSL certificate 200


To ensure that we are providing the best package for your requirements, ordering a virtual server must be done by consultation with one of our technical advisors via telephone on 08707 449227 or contact us via our feedback form and indicate a convenient time for us to call you.

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